On January 13, 2001, True Parents held the most providential event in history, the Coronation for the Kingship of God. Major leaders and members from around the world attended in this historic event. All members were dressed in Holy Robes, with special Attendants wearing red vests.  As True Parents' procession, with two of their daughters-in-law carrying the special Crowns just ahead of them, they began to walk to the main stage area. As they proceeded, True Parents would stop and bow, then walk a few steps and bow again, until they reached the stage. One time, one of the daughters-in law kept going and True Father told her to come back. Since, I was the only person on that side of the stage, I went to her quickly and told her that True Father needed her back to where the procession was. Afterwards, everything went smoothly. I took many photos from around the right side of the stage. Everyone knew that we were attending what True Father called the greatest event in human history. Being so near to them during that moment, on the stage, I felt very blessed, even though I wasn't worthy. I felt that my responsibility there was to record this historic event for future generations to come.